This is my story

My name is Jaelle Leclerc.

Coming from Belgium ,German and Cameroonian blood , run through my veins; so let's just say I am the result of an unusual mix.

My journey in fashion started when aged 13 a modelling agency scouted me fortuitously. Since as long I can remember, I have always been attracted by this industry. As a child I loved customising, cutting, patching and colouring my clothes, to make them look unique.

Before modelling became my full-time job, my entire world revolved around sports. I have always been full of energy and would often find myself playing soccer with boys. My Mom thought I should use my long legs to do something better so at the time it seemed obvious for me to try athletics. I trained hard, managed to overcome a few injuries and learned about consistent commitment, self-confidence, mental and physical strength. Quickly results appeared as I won many regional and national championships in 400 meters (my main discipline) which earned me the nickname “La Gazelle”.

I am the daughter of an amazing musician. The first sounds I heard as a baby were him playing piano and since then I have to admit music has been engraved in my soul. Admiring my Dad crafting his art inspired my passion to sing and gave me my sense of rhythm.

As music and sports enthusiast, stepping into dancing happened naturally for me. So, I joined a dance company and swiftly learned to perform on stages across Europe.

In the end modelling is all about making a product look better by expressing yourself. All my previous experiences helped me succeed in the fashion industry.

My modelling career has allowed me to travel around the world as I am represented by agencies all over the globe.

I have also had the chance to be on TV shows and win the coveted Miss Fashion TV world beauty contest, which gave me the exposure to venture professionally into music. When I was cast as part of European musicals, I had the opportunity to work and learn from many talented artists.

It has been a fulfilling journey as the experience of all those different challenges has forged me into the artist I have become, eager to share my emotions through the lyrics of my songs.